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Top Ten Free Android Apps

Here are my top ten Android Apps. I will explain why I have chosen these.

To know more about the app, click on the image to visit the official android market

These are apart from the ones which are must have. View the “Top Ten Must have Android Apps“.

1. Go Launcher EX

This is on top of my list. The reason being, have you ever wondered or got bored with your home screen? This will completely customize the home screen, gives you lots of animations and even have widgets which resemble the ones in the Iphone. This also has a built-in task killer. The best part is, it does not slow down your phone.

2. Opera Mini Browser

If you are hooked to internet like me, then this is a must have app. Its light, sleek, fast and uses less data. You also save money on data charges, since it uses as little as a tenth of the data of normal browsers. Nice way of bookmarking and searching.

3. Perfect Applock Free

Have you ever lost a phone and realized later that your information like emails, SMS, Photos files and so on were not secured. If so, this is the app you need to have. Very tiny and efficient. You can lock any app including the settings. You can choose a password either the pin or pattern to lock. Apart from the phone lock, this gives a secondary locking mechanism to your apps. Even if your Roommate/Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Husband/Wife has your phone, still they need the password to view your private data.

4. Google News

The best news reading app for mobile. This has the same layout as in the PC browser version. You can view news specific to your country and region. The best part is that, it gives you 3-4 snippets of news from each section which you can go through from top to bottom and done with it. Great app especially if you are just interested in checking the headline every one hour

5. Wheres My Droid

I regret not installing this app on my previous android phone. I lost that phone and later realized, if this app was installed, I might have traced it back. Also this app is handy when you have kept the phone in silent mode and you have misplaced it somewhere in the house. You can just send a message with some predefined text to your cellphone and it will automatically start ringing.

6. iMobile from ICICI Bank

If you are an Indian android phone user and you have an account with ICICI bank, then this one is for you. It has got a comprehensive set of features like balance check, bill pay, fund transfer, movie ticket, credit cards and many more. It is secure and yes, it’s officially developed by ICICI bank

7. Go SMS Pro

The best SMS app out there in the market. Its much much better than the built-in android SMS app. It has features like filtering message, SMS templates, SMS Backup to your SD card and much more. It has also got tons of settings, change themes and scheduled SMS sending.

8. Astro File Manager

Easy to use file manager application. It has easy navigation, file arrangements, cut, copy, paste, backup and more. It even has a built-in task manager which might come in handy. One more interesting feature is the app backup function. Do you want to reset the phone without loosing all the installed app and its data? Then just use this feature to back up all the apps and restore once you are done with reset.

9. Call End Vibrate

You are in a call and the person on the other end hangs up or the call gets disconnected without you knowing and you are still continuing with your conversation to only realize later that the call was disconnected. Has this ever happened to you? Call end vibrate is a tiny app which vibrates the phone as an indication as soon as the call is disconnected. You can configure how long the vibration has to last after the call is disconnected.

10. Call Control

Are you getting annoying calls or do you want to stop unsolicited calls? Call control is the right one for you. This app has preconfigured black listed community numbers (US only) which gets automatically blocked. Along with this, you can add your own numbers which you don’t like to receive.

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  1. good job i have used most of these apps…….. and these are really good but some more apps are also good enough, you should also write about them and you should give rating category wise………

    Posted by hemu | December 21, 2011, 2:02 am


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