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Top Ten Must have Android Apps

Continuing  with my previous post – Top Ten free Android Apps,  I had mentioned that they were apart from the “must have apps”.

Here are my top ten must have Android Apps. I will explain why I have chosen these.

These are the ones apart from the default apps like Google Maps, Gmail, Youtube and so on which comes with Android OS

To know more about the app, click on the image to visit the official android market

1. Facebook

I don’t have to say much about this app. This is a must have if you are on Facebook all the time. Assume, you are out somewhere and find something interesting and would like to share that with your friends. Use the camera to take a picture, click on the share via facebook option, add a caption and upload. It’s now on your profile. As simple as that. You can almost do everything you do on the web browser version. Very nice UI and best part is, you can sync facebook contacts with your phone contacts.

2. Angry Birds

Angry birds is the 21st century’s Mario bros. The best game out there in Android platform. This game never ends and it will really put your brains to work. Don’t let those greedy pigs get away with the eggs. Word of caution : Don’t get addicted to it

3. Skype

The best voice over IP phone is now on android. It has got tons of features like skype to skype, video calls, IM, calls to landline & mobile phones, voice mails, cheap international calls and much more. If you like video calls and think its bit expensive from service provider, then skype is the way to go. However there is one drawback, the other user should also have skype, it does not matter if they are using iphone, android or any other phones.

4. Twitter

 I am not a great twitter fan, however this one is a must have app. If you constantly following someone’s tweets or you have a large fan followings, then you can easily get those tweets on your android phone. Now a days, all major news & sports channels have twitter accounts and they tweet events as and when it happens. Twitter is a great way to get those alerts right on to your cellphone.

5. Anti-Virus Free

Though many of us don’t realize, the fact is our cellphones are more prone to viruses than our home computers. Now a days you have cellphone which are replacing home computers for all your needs like email, chat, banking, social networking, online purchasing. With all that personal and secured information on your phone, makes it more easier for crooks to access it. It’s always best to have an anti virus software check the apps which you download from the market. Also this app has some extra features like locate the lost phone on google map, wipe your device to erase all personal info remotely, task killer, safe web browsing and more.

6. Battery Widget

 If you are annoyed like me with that tiny default battery indicator on the top right of the screen which does not show the percentage of battery power left, then download this widget. It’s a tiny app which shows the battery power left in percentage. Note that this is not an app. You will need to add this as a widget to your home screen. It also has some shortcut keys to wifi and bluetooth.

7. Mobo Player

Have you tried playing an avi format video on your default android player. Tired of trying to play videos of various formats? Mobo player is the answer. It supports almost all known formats like avi, mp4, mkv, mpeg and many more. It supports various subtitles like SRT, ASS, SAA. The videos can be added to play lists and shows thumbnail views of videos.

8. World News Paper

I am big time news addict and I crave for news all the time. World news paper is one of the best news related app. This app delivers news from every corner of the world right to your phone.  It covers news across 105 countries and 6000 news sites. You can read news by selecting a country or category. Though the UI is not that great, but the app really does well as it says. Hats of to the developer.

9. PicSay – Photo Editor

 I always thought Adobe had the finest photo editing software. Boy, I was wrong. PicSay is a tiny app which essentially satisfies all the photo editing needs for a cell phone. It has some core set of features like color correction, add effects, insert captions, titles, balloons and graphics. You need to use this app to understand what a great app this is. You can upgrade this app to pro version to get some additional features like special effects, styles and stickers. But that will cost you some money.

10. The Weather Channel

There are lot of nice weather apps available on android. The reason why I like this is because of their huge network  of meteorologists and their accuracy. The one feature which I like in this app is the severe weather alerts. Even before you see it on TV or hear it on news, the alerts are right on your phone. If you are in a area where the weather is unpredictable, then this is a must have.

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