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Android Phone – Ten steps to maximize battery life

Smart phones are smart enough to know where you are, what you like, which movie you would like to watch and also constantly keep you in touch with your near and dear ones. Oh wait, but they need to be refueled every day or even multiple times a day. Is that frustrating to you? You are not the only one who is tired of recharging your android phone, there are many more like you including me.

Having read several blogs, tried out various options, below are ten steps which has increased my android phone’s battery life significantly. My Samsung Galaxy phone easily lasts for about 2 days with moderate use. If you use it more conservatively, then it might last even more.

Steps to Save Battery Life:

  1. Reduce screen brightness – Adjust the screen back light to keep it at an acceptable level. I would keep it at medium or less level. Keeping the screen back light at the max level single handedly kills the battery life.
  2. Reduce the Screen Timeout – There is no reason to keep your screen on when the phone is idle. Set the screen time out to be less than 1 min. Some times you may need to have a longer duration, in such cases manually change it to what you need. It might be useful to keep a shortcut to display settings which will allow you to quickly change the screen time outs.
  3. Keep a Black wallpaper or a dark theme: Go back to basics, anything white uses more power and black uses less power. Take a black image and set it as the wall paper. It is better not to use any live or animated wall papers
  4. Restart the phone once a day: There are lot of articles which say to use some task manager app to kill apps and services to save battery. If you don’t use it wisely, this will in fact kill your battery. Example- there will be some services which keeps restarting no matter how many time you stop them. Couple this with the autokill function of the task manager app, it will drain the battery in no time. As an alternative, restart your phone at least once a day and see the difference. This will automatically remove the apps which you opened at some point in the day and are in the background doing nothing. I would recommend to restart the phone just before charging.
  5. Switch off GPS, bluetooth, WIFI: Disable GPS, Blueetooth, location services and WIFI when not in use. GPS and WIFI are big battery drainers when they are not receiving any signals. Having said that, use WIFI when available instead of 3G as its uses less battery and reduces data cost.
  6. Uninstall unused apps: Over a period of time, you would have installed lot of apps just for trying it out and later forgot to uninstall. It is always best to have as many less number of apps as possible. Try to uninstall the apps which are not used frequently.
  7. Change Refresh Intervals: There are lot of apps like, default email (not Gmail), Android Market,  Facebook, news & weather apps and other apps which require internet connectivity, constantly syncs the data with internet. Either increase the refresh interval to let’s say once a hour or completely get rid of it. Frankly speaking, I don’t keep any background sync other than the Gmail.
  8. Change your charging pattern: Most of us have the habit of charging the phone quite often even when the phone has enough battery left on it. It’s always better to leave the battery to discharge completely to say like 20% and only then recharge it. This way your battery will not only also last longer but also has longer life.
  9. Avoid playing videos: Videos consume a lot of power compared to any other usage of the phone. Try avoiding videos while running on battery. If you have charger or a USB connecting point, just plug it in so that battery does not drain out while watching those videos.
  10. Stop staring at your phone: I had a habit of staring at the phone, swiping through home screens every few minutes when there was absolutely nothing to be done there. I used to do this while standing in a queue, watching TV and even while waiting in the traffic signal. If you are like me, change this habit and trust me the battery life will automatically go north.

If you have any other pointers to maximize the battery life, I would like to know it as well.

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4 thoughts on “Android Phone – Ten steps to maximize battery life

  1. In the point 7 how I can change the time of refresh?

    Posted by Shoo | December 26, 2011, 6:51 pm
    • For Email – Open the email app- press menu button – go to more options- account settings – email check frequency – select Never radio button (or select Every Hour option)

      For Facebook – Press menu button – go to settings – refresh intervals – never (or choose a high value)

      For other apps, you will have to do the same way by going to settings.
      If you need help, send me the app name, I will try to find the settings for you.


      Posted by Shree | December 26, 2011, 7:01 pm
  2. Some really choice blog posts on this web site , saved to favorites .

    Posted by Rex Wiebusch | January 3, 2012, 1:32 pm


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