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Top 5 Media Streamers (Players)

Are you bored of watching your favorite videos on laptop / PC screen and wished you had a device, which you can use from the comfort of your couch and enjoy those videos on your big screen.  The technological advancements brought in a new class of devices called media streamers/players and they are becoming the bedrock of the modern home theatre system. These devices are more like consumer electronics than like a PC so they fit neatly into your home theater setup.

Goto Popcorn Hour

  • This is one of the popular media streamers based on the NMT platform
  • The device supports wide variety of video, audio and photo formats and has the capability to push 1080p signals to your hdmi enabled flat screen TV
  • The device’s 10-foot user interface design allows the users to operate it from the standard TV viewing distance
  • It not only can play the media from USB drive, local HDD but it can also connect to your home network and stream media from NAS and connected PCs
  • Some of the models have options to play Blu-ray discs as well
  • It comes with a full-sized remote, which is very easy to understand and operate
  • Currently, the below models are available A-200/210/300 and C-200/300
Goto WD TV Live

  • These devices from Western Digital are very easy to operate. Unlike most media center PCs or Home Theater PCs the WD
  • TV offers hassle-free playback of HD movies, home videos, digital music, and photos on your HDTV
  • These players support many of the popular formats so that your can play your video collections readily on your big screen
  • These devices can play local and network contents seamlessly
  • Currently, two models are available WD TV Live and WD TV Live Hub
Goto!play O!Play BDS

  • These players from ASUS in addition to basics video streaming are capable of playing Blu-ray 3D discs
  • These players are also DLNA certified so you can stream content from DLNA enabled PC or mobile phone
  • These players are also capable of decoding upto 7.1 channels of high-definition audio
  • Currently, the below models are available BDS-700 and BDS-500.
 Goto Xtreamer Prodigy
If you are android lover and expect all your devices to run one of the flavors of android then this is the player to look for. This player has the hardware capabilities to boot with android 2.2.

  • This player comes with latest software support (like HTML 5) and hardware (like USB 3.0, HDMI 1.4, Gigabit networking)
  • This player is 3D capable and has integrated web browser as well.

If you are looking to completely replace your HTPC then this player will fit the bill.

Goto Boxee
Are you big fan of xbmc, boxee media center applications and wished you had a device that brings that user experience to your big screen? Boxee Box solves the problem very nicely. Not only you can watch your local content, you can stream and watch media from online. The UI is brilliant and comes with a nicely designed QWERTY remote control. You can also send content from your iPad to your big screen.

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