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How to receive your multiple emails to a single inbox on your Android Phone

Now a days it’s common to have multiple email ids, one for personal, one for business and so on. However checking emails by visiting each inbox individually is so out of date technique. However there is way to get everything to a single email client like Microsoft outlook. But this will be useful if you always use a single PC to check emails.

First I will explain how you can receive your various emails like Gmail, Hotmail, and any other POP email accounts to your singe Gmail inbox. Once you have configured, the same can be received into your smart phones very easily without any additional setup.

Configure and Receive Multiple emails to a single Gmail:

  1. Log in to your Gmail (This will be your primary email account where all emails will be received)
  2. Go to email settings
  3. Click on “Accounts and Import ” tab
  4. Scroll down to “Check mail using POP3” option and click on “Add a POP3 mail account you own”
  5. Type the email address from which you want the emails to be received and click on next step
  6. Type the password(Don’t worry, it is absolutely safe)
  7. Do not change the pop server settings. Google automatically configures for your email address
  8. Select the 2nd and 3rd check box and click on “Add Account” button
  9. Finish the process and you will now start seeing the emails from the added account in your inbox. It may take some time to download all the emails.

This is the first step, once you have completed the above changes, you will never have to log in to multiple email accounts to check your email. As soon as an email is received on your other accounts, it will be downloaded to your primary account

Setup the multiple inbox email account on your Android:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Accounts and Sync Settings
  3. Select Add Account and press on Google Account
  4. Complete the process of adding your Gmail account.
  5. Within few mins, the Gmail inbox will be filled with your emails

Note: If there are more than one Gmail accounts configured, go to settings of the Gmail app and press on Accounts options to select the desired email account.

Next time when a new email is received in any of the email Ids which you have added, you will see a notification on your android phone.

For iPhone user, the above approach works. You just need to configure the Gmail account to the email app.

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