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Freeware for your Windows PC

“The Best Things in Life Are Free” – this couldn’t be more true for software!
In this post, We will see some of the best free software available for PC.

CCleaner [Visit Site]
It is a very powerful cleaning tool to free up hard disk space. The application is pretty snappy in performance. It has the following components

  • Cleaner – Search file system for cleaning
  • Registry fixer – Search system registry and fix issue
  • Uninstaller – Uninstall the installed applications
  • Startup controller – Control which programs run at startup
  • System Restore – Manage all system restore points
  • Drive wiper – Securely erase the contents

The main features are

  • Remove all unused files
  • Completely wipe off the history of all the online activities. It supports almost all browsers!
  • Delete other system files that might slow down the computer, such as memory dumps and Windows log files
  • Repair the problems found in the Windows Registry to speed up the operating system and prevent the problems that might occur when starting certain applications
  • Wipe entire disk / free space. It supports 35 passes overwrite to make sure disk is very secure!
Speccy [Visit Site]
You may know the basics information regarding your system. But, do you know the motherboard detail; temperature at which your processor and hard drive operate? Speccy is here to help you.
It is a very advanced system information tool. It will give the detailed statistics on every piece of hardware in the computer, including CPU, Motherboard, RAM, Graphics Cards, Hard Disks, Optical Drives, Audio devices etc.,
Revo Uninstaller [Visit Site]
Are you tired of using sluggish Windows Add or Remove Programs, which doesn’t completely clean up the traces of the software that you are uninstalling? Try the Revo uninstaller Free version, which scans the system before and after the program’s default uninstaller runs and allows you to clean registry and other left over files completely.
Media Player Classic [Visit Site]

If you use a low configuration computer to watch video then this is the best player to use. It is a low memory footprint media player for Windows. It can play many of the video formats (Caveat: you must install complete codec pack!) and audio formats.



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