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How to keep your passwords safe and also easy to remember ?

Most Important Tip: Before reading the post below, I would like to provide one important tip on safe guarding your password.

Everyone knows that we are not supposed to share passwords or keep passwords which are easy to crack. However now a days, increasingly many websites ask for your email address and password as the credentials for their websites. Unknowingly we type in our email address and the password associated with the email address. DO NOT DO THIS. The reason being, the password which you share will be saved in their system and are vulnerable for misuse. Hackers are targeting these websites which do not have sophisticated security mechanism instead of hacking the actual email websites.

If at all you have to provide an email address and the password, use a password which is different from your email password.

How to choose a safe password

Majority of the internet users would definitely have at least 5-6 login credentials like emails, facebook, twitter, bank logins, shopping logins , PC logins and so on. Having multiple logins is no big deal, however remembering the password is often more complicated than we assume.

I at least have around twenty different credentials which need to be remembered. Some of those have the password to be changed every few days. To complicate things, the old password cannot be reused. If that login is used rarely, then I often forget the password and I am forced to reset the password. This will make matter even worse as I have to now remember one more new password.

I have found a technique where I can easily remember the passwords and also are safe. I am pretty sure many others have similar approach. Let me anyway put it across.

I have categorized my credentials into 3 categories

  1. Extra Secure – Online Banking, trading & anything related to finance
  2. Secure – Emails, Social networking, Online shopping, personal blogs
  3. General – Forums, news websites, coupon websites and any other general websites which are not very important.

How to choose the password for each category?

Extra Secure :  This should be very hard to crack. It should contain all three combination – Alphabets, number and special characters in random order. See the below example

Ex: a1b2c3_davinci

Here “a1b2c3” is some random sequence of alphabets and numbers but easy to remember.
“_” is some special character.
“davinci” is a word which you can remember easily but not related to you or your user name in any way.

In some cases, you may be having multiple extra secure logins. In those cases, you can assign a sequential number in the end of the password so that the first part of the password will remain the same.

Ex: a1b2c3_davinci@01 , a1b2c3_davinci@11, a1b2c3_davinci@21…

Secure:Though it would not be as strong as the previous one, it should definitely not be easy to crack. For you, it should be easy to remember.

Ex: Davinci_80@01, Davinci_80@11 , Davinci_80@21, ….
This kind of password is fairly secure and easy to remember. Note the first letter ‘D’ is upper case and ’80’ is the year I was born.

General:  If you create logins in some websites which are occasionally used or websites like news and blogs then, you can go with simpler passwords.

Ex: iliketofootball@01, iliketofootball@02, iliketofootball@03…
Here, the key is to make the password simple to remember and not be related to the other two categories.


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