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How to use your android mobile phone as a modem?

When I am at home or office, connecting to internet is not issue. However, if  I am outside or travelling and if I want to connect to internet from my laptop, IPad or any mobile device, I had to find a WiFi hotspot. But now a days with all these advancements in mobile communication, connecting to internet … Continue reading

How to receive your multiple emails to a single inbox on your Android Phone

Now a days it’s common to have multiple email ids, one for personal, one for business and so on. However checking emails by visiting each inbox individually is so out of date technique. However there is way to get everything to a single email client like Microsoft outlook. But this will be useful if you … Continue reading

How to watch your computer movie collection on big screen TV

In this digital age, we are storing all our digital media collection on our computers. The size of the collection, running into many gigabytes, forbids us from burning them onto DVDs and bringing them to our home theater setup. If we have to watch them we have to huddle around the small computer screen and … Continue reading

Android Phone – Ten steps to maximize battery life

Smart phones are smart enough to know where you are, what you like, which movie you would like to watch and also constantly keep you in touch with your near and dear ones. Oh wait, but they need to be refueled every day or even multiple times a day. Is that frustrating to you? You … Continue reading

Top Ten Android Tips and Tricks

There are lot of tricks (actually options) which are available in Android. Most of them are not straight forward and happen to be identified by chance.  Here are my top 10 android tips and tricks [Note: All these have been tested on Samsung Galaxy Phone]

Top Tweaks to make your Gmail more user friendly

Gmail comes with host of additional features which have to be enabled manually. This increases the user experience to a  great deal. Try it out and see the difference. Insert Images Have you tried inserting an image (not as attachments) in between your text while composing an email. By default Gmail does not have that option. … Continue reading

How to get UID (Aadhaar) card?

Today, I had been to get myself enrolled to UID. Before getting in to specifics on how to get it, for those who don’t know what UID or Aadhaar card is, I will try to explain it briefly. It is an identification card which Govt of India is planning to issue to every resident of India and … Continue reading

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