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Wherez U – Best Friend Location Finder App

Wherez U is a location finder app. This app helps you in finding where your friends and family are in real time.

A perfect app to locate your kids, family and friends by just sending an SMS. You don’t have to worry when your loved ones step outside the house, you can find if they are safe with just a click.

It works on mainly two principles.

1. Find Location – To find your contact’s location
2. Send Location – Send your current location to your contact

Main features:
• Send your current location to your contact
• Send a request to find your contact’s location
• Auto respond with the current location
• Turn off Auto respond feature using settings
• Use GPS or Network to identify the best location
• View the location accurately on maps.
• View contact’s previous locations
• View activity log such as location request sent/received/auto respond

Try it out, its free. On Google Play


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