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How to keep your passwords safe and also easy to remember ?

Most Important Tip: Before reading the post below, I would like to provide one important tip on safe guarding your password. Everyone knows that we are not supposed to share passwords or keep passwords which are easy to crack. However now a days, increasingly many websites ask for your email address and password as the credentials … Continue reading

Freeware for your Windows PC

“The Best Things in Life Are Free” – this couldn’t be more true for software! In this post, We will see some of the best free software available for PC.

How to receive your multiple emails to a single inbox on your Android Phone

Now a days it’s common to have multiple email ids, one for personal, one for business and so on. However checking emails by visiting each inbox individually is so out of date technique. However there is way to get everything to a single email client like Microsoft outlook. But this will be useful if you … Continue reading

How to watch your computer movie collection on big screen TV

In this digital age, we are storing all our digital media collection on our computers. The size of the collection, running into many gigabytes, forbids us from burning them onto DVDs and bringing them to our home theater setup. If we have to watch them we have to huddle around the small computer screen and … Continue reading

Top 5 Media Streamers (Players)

Are you bored of watching your favorite videos on laptop / PC screen and wished you had a device, which you can use from the comfort of your couch and enjoy those videos on your big screen.  The technological advancements brought in a new class of devices called media streamers/players and they are becoming the … Continue reading

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